For new residential projects, Base has a highly expert team specializing in residential design across a range of scales. From small lot designs and split-level homes to multimillion-dollar houses in Brisbane and the south Queensland area, we do it all.

Base understands every family is different and we recognise how each family occupies their home will continually change throughout the days, months, and years to come.  We aim to understand how you and your family will use the spaces in your home. We will interview you about how every member of your family prefer to eat, sleep, work and relax so that we can make sure everyone will love living in your new home for many years to come.

Our design focus is to create high quality and functional spaces that enhance your experience of being at home. It is our goal to ensure that your new home will be practical, comfortable and efficient. We will do our very best to ensure your home will be constructed according to your bespoke needs, whilst always considering the site and budget planned for the project.

As part of Base Architecture’s services, we do a thorough investigation of the site to capture the best it has to offer – this includes maximising breezes and natural light, and ensuring access to views and vistas across the suburb or city. This site investigation allows us to build cost-effective homes with sustainable and timeless designs that are flexible enough to grow with your family, without the need for structural change in the future.

Our new residential projects services include:

  • Understanding your family
  • Investigation of the site
  • Spatial analysis
  • Design research
  • Overall conceptual design
  • Detailed design to meet approval requirements
  • Organise preliminary prices from reputable builders
  • Recommend and oversee consultants
  • Specify finishes and fixtures, materials and construction details
  • Complete coordination and documentation
  • Recommend builders and organise tenders
  • Contract administration on site

Base Architecture has a proven record spanning over a decade with multiple award-winning houses, and more importantly, we continue to exceed the expectations of owners and their families. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised, site responsive, and efficient homes.

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