Commercial Architecture

Base understands the importance of enhancing brand recognition through state-of-the-art exterior and interior design as well as designing functional and appealing working and public spaces. 

Base’s team of expert commercial Brisbane architects have extensive experience across many sectors within the commercial industry. Our team has delivered numerous projects across the state including multi-level offices, office conversions, Queensland heritage refurbishments and high-end hotel architectural designs.

Base takes the time to fully understand the current and future needs of commercial premises and are well recognised for  creating sustainable offices that make the most of natural light sources, the local climate and proven and efficient sustainable energy systems that ensure healthy interior environments and minimise pollution. 

Commercial property designs by Base Architecture are adaptable and scalable. We integrate easy-to-clean and maintain storage and work surfaces and pay attention to ancillary details such as the appropriate placement of pipes, ducts and cables. For areas that need to provide multiple uses, we will often include features such as sliding walls to allow client contact, staff meetings, corporate events and personal offices in a single open-plan space. 

Through cleverly planned exterior design we ensure the quality of your commercial service is evident and internally, our carefully considered interiors ensure every staff member, visitor, client and customer feels completely at home.