Base Architecture has a team of expert commercial building architects, with broad experience across many sectors in the industry. Our commercial architects have delivered several projects across Brisbane and Queensland, including multi-levelled office buildings, light industry to office conversions, heritage conversions and hotel establishments


Our portfolio of completed commercial projects include:

• Bowral Office
• Cinderella
• Robertson
• Hudson
• Amelia
• Constance
• Mowbray
• Rydges
• St Alban’s Church
• Wickham

At Base, we understand that commercial architecture starts with strategic planning due to the sheer number of functional complexities. We encourage our clients to involve our team in the initial planning stage so we can draw out what managers and developers have in mind, and accommodate what the potential end users’ needs are. The feasibility of most commercial projects needs to be addressed from the outset for the clients to understand the viability and worth of the investment and to further respond to both budget and design concept.

Our commercial projects services include the following:

• Spatial analysis
• General workflow review
• Design research
• Workshops with key staff to identify areas of concern
• Branding review
• Overall conceptual design
• Lighting and ambiance
• Furnishings, finishes and equipment specification
• Complete coordination and documentation
• Contract administration

Base believes in the value that good design brings to our clients and their commercial building’s end users. We make sure to focus on detailed commercial design that makes a significant difference in the way that all users experience the spaces. Spaces where people truly feel comfortable and calm. Spaces that people would like to come back to.

At Base, we believe that cost-effective building is the key to contemporary architecture for the community, and this can be achieved through sustainable and timeless design. Our commercial building architects design with flexibility in mind, creating multifunctional spaces that allow for functional changes without the need for structural change.