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Queensland X-Ray

On behalf of Queensland X-Ray, I am delighted to take this opportunity to recommended base Architecture.

Queensland X-Ray engaged Base Architecture to initially undertake the Master Medical Centre (PET) Imaging project and recently ongoing development of our new Sunnybank suites.

We have been more than please with the exceptional service Base provided right throughout the project and the quality of architectural and interior design consultancy and expertise.

SO+Gi Scan

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Base Architecture for commercial and residential design. Shawn Godwin and his team at Base are young, dynamic and very capable architects whose passion for cool, contemporary and practical design oozes out in every meeting and design solution they offered me as their client. In 2005, Shawn was recommended to me by a close friend who himself is a brilliant architect and had worked closely with Shawn at Mirvac. As our business is a specialized obstetric + gynaecological imaging (so+gi) practice, Shawn was the perfect man for the job as he and his wife were expecting their first baby. Shawn was able to take our brief of removing the usual clinical drabness of a medical practice and instead develop a spa like ambience patients could enjoy whilst still feeling like they were in a safe specialist centre.

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Westera Engineers

It is in my opinion that Base Architecture is a prime example of a business that has succeeded within the times of the global financial crises. Through creativity, hard work, discipline and integrity he has forged ahead and provided employment and opportunities, not only for the staff within his firm, but for all those affected by his work. Shawn is a great ambassador for Brisbane business and should be recognized accordingly.

Iceworks Restaurant Bar & Lounge

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Bencee Building

We have no hesitation in recommending Base Architecture Pty Ltd as a professional dedicated Architectural company. Their attention to detail and professional business approach are two of the main reasons we continue to work with them. We have found them to be professional in all aspects of their work from initial communication to the completed documents and final handover, ensuring we provide a quality products to our client.

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Base quickly set its mark on Brisbane architecture and grew quickly. Shawn proved that he had all the ingredients of success, focus, drive, skills, adaptability and most importantly, a friendly approach and respect.

When it came to appointing an Architect to do my private work, there was only one Architect I went to, Shawn. He has proven with my development, along with numerous other, that he has a

business that can deliver. He works hard to have all stake holders adequately informed, can solve problems quickly and meets budgets.