Interior Design

At Base Architecture, you are guaranteed a clever, creative and experienced team of interior designers for commercial, residential and public access properties throughout Queensland and in particular our home city of Brisbane. Interior design firms in Brisbane are continuously challenged to design eye-catching home and office interiors that compete with existing new and traditional landmarks. 

This is the type of challenge Base Architecture’s interior designers excel at.  We work closely with clients to turn interior commercial and home design into a group conversation that meets every challenge from environmental sustainability and future adaptability to cost efficiency and the practical use of space. We create sophisticated, perfectly planned spaces that incorporate timeless colour palettes and materials, superior fixtures and fittings and considered details for storage and lighting. 

Contact Base Architecture for:

  • Small lot plans for small lot house designs in Brisbane and QLD
  • Small house architecture using highly efficient, energy-saving technologies
  • Typical Brisbane narrow lot home designs
  • Custom interiors for architectural home designs
  • Luxury home designs
  • Contemporary and traditional house designs in Brisbane and QLD
  • Split level house designs
  • Traditional Queensland architecture
  • Exclusive living that simultaneously creates a local landmark