Public Place Interior Design

At Base Architecture, Brisbane interior designers also plan layouts, lighting, furnishings, storage, utility supplies and more for public access areas.

Notorious for heavy footfall and the constant threat of vandalism, public spaces can often be uninviting and basic. To create a public access interior that can withstand these challenges, a good knowledge of coatings and finishes, the cleaning industry, security innovations and health and safety practices is required. This is where the collaborative and curious environment at Base makes a difference.

State-owned properties for public use do not have to stretch very far to acquire the standards of luxury house design or private sector investments. Clever design using durable, coated materials and finishes now mean that public areas such as libraries, community centres, government offices, public toilet facilities, shopping centres, schools and sport centres in town and city settings can reflect the results of urban upgrading in a similar manner as high-investment, privately funded interior design projects.

Base Architecture, Brisbane architects and expert interior designers enjoy the challenge of proving the above statement. Contact our office to arrange an appointment and we can begin to conceive a public-friendly and vandal-resistant space that everyone can admire and enjoy.