Iceworks Bar

Iceworks Bar and Restaurant and Peak Fine Dining Restaurant are spaces which revolt against the tendency to turn bars into expressions of five minute trends with bling, glitz and glamour. The objective of the spaces was to achieve comfort, to be practical, and exude a sense of class and quality. 

The space was to be clearly modern and of its time, but the detailing was to also reflect quality craftsmanship. In particular, great care was taken to ensure the comfort of patrons through the diversity of spaces and careful acoustic treatments which reflect the mood of each space. Iceworks sees itself as a venue which takes its position in the local community seriously. 

Lighting treatments ensure that the corner becomes lantern like at night and artwork commissioned for the space is located to be as accessible to passersby as it is for patrons.

“I was very pleased with Base Architecture from the very beginning. The directors at Base Architecture were extremely professional and their creative flair was responsible for the continual great feedback we receive from our patrons when they visit the Iceworks Bar and Restaurant and Peak Fine Dining Restaurant. 

As a brand new development and a unique project in Paddington, we had high expectations of the final result and we are pleased to say they impressed us immensely. We have formed a strong relationship with the team at Base Architecture, and have already commissioned them to do further work. We have gladly recommended Base Architecture to others and hope to continue working alongside them with additional projects in the future” – Tony Mee


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