“The largest inspiration on every project is the clients; each one brings a unique family unit, way of living and cultural values that direct the design from the moment you meet them.”

A logical thinker at heart, Julie brings a spirit of energy and engagement to Base that encourages the team to express their passion for design and get the best outcome on all projects. Initially exploring the idea of becoming a science and maths teacher, Julie was drawn to architecture for the ability to exercise her creativity whilst problem solving. When described by her peers, her wealth of knowledge is a consistent theme and most of all she’s known for “just getting things done.”

Having previously worked in London on the redevelopment of heritage listed buildings, Julie went on to the Architectural Practice Academy, a State Government initiative on educational and public infrastructure projects. These experiences have provided a diverse foundation of knowledge and expertise that she brings to the Base team, where she has worked since 2010.

Her commitment to clients and ability to build strong relationships with all members of the project team including builders, ensures that every project has a strong foundation of collaboration through design and into construction. Her efficient design solutions are a result of a process that everyone can contribute to and enjoy from start to finish.

Julie believes everyone can experience their own piece of architecture, from the smallest space in the house, to a whole new house. With a partner in construction, coupled with her depth of design experience, together they are trying their hand at property development.

Julie in brief:

  • Architecture (UQ)
  • Design Studies (UQ)
  • Registered Architect in Queensland No 4318


To get in contact with Julie, give our office a call, or send her an email at Julie.Lawrence@basearchitecture.com.au