Bridget Porter

Interior Design Assistant

Bridget Porter

From a young age Bridget was drawn to activities that allowed her to express creatively, such as art, music, dance and drama. Realising she had an eye for detail, she completed a week of work experience in interior design in high school, which eventually led to her enrolling in a Bachelor of Design majoring in Interior Design with minors in Architecture and Graphic Design at QUT.

As an Interior Design Student at Base, Bridget is involved in the design, documentation and management of projects. Currently completing her Honours, Bridget has developed a passion for inclusive, intuitive and considered design. She believes that spaces should create an experience for the users within and leave a lasting impact.

Bridget has a passion for travel and makes an effort to explore well designed spaces from around the world. One of her favourite spaces is The Factory by Ricardo Bofill, a disused cement factory which was converted into his residence and studio in the 1970s. She is inspired by how the space was redesigned to include and enhance existing elements whilst adding new ones give the building new life, purpose and impact. Outside of work Bridget enjoys seeing exhibitions and live music with her family and friends, and participating in community theatre.


To get in contact with Bridget, give our office a call, or send her an email at

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