Split Level Home Designs Brisbane

Add interest to your property with split level home designs. We have helped developers and home-owners create a striking feature in their designer homes by adding staggered levels, making better use of space and light.

The effect of split level home designs are certainly impressive to the eye, but custom home designs of this scale need to have much more than just a novelty value. It is possible to add a new dimension to your living arrangements with a carefully planned and intelligently implemented split level design — especially useful if you’re looking to create a living area or dining area distinct from an open plan arrangement.

These custom home designs are a practical solution for a plot where the ground slopes from front to back, back to front, or from side to side when viewed from the street. Splitting levels this way reduces the cost of support work below the floor line. With split level home designs, you can manage your costs while adding architectural interest.

Tri-Level and Bi-Level Designer Homes

There are distinct differences between tri- and bi-level designer homes. In a tri-level designer home, a single level space is staggered with stairs going up and down a level at different points. Depending on your requirements, split level home designs might incorporate the master bedroom suite at the top of steps leading from the living area, with another pair of steps going down to a pool or games room.  Bi-level custom home designs differ by having a single split rather than a double.

Split level home designs are ideal for steep forward-sloping plots. The possibilities for such custom home designs are only limited by your imagination.

The Affordability of Split Level Home Designs

It is a common misconception that split level custom home designs are beyond the reach of many development projects. While it is true that factors which may add to building time or materials will increase the overall costs of construction, these costs can often be absorbed by savings in support work on steeply-sloping land. Level ground developments add value in different ways, including the impact of a greater property value on resale, as well as the general aesthetic experience of spreading your home life across different levels.

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Base Architecture have project led the development of many designer homes in Brisbane and the surrounding area, involving the innovative use of split level home designs to maximise use of space.

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