By Julie

Renovations are an exciting time, but they are also a time for questions and decisions, and they’re not always easy! No one knows this better than an architect trying to renovate their own home.
The cliche “a plumber always has leaky taps” comes to mind…

The historical Queensland Worker’s cottage has a solid foundation on which to build on, and many small families in Brisbane have done just that. More often than not they need some general renovation work to bring them up to modern standards, most likely new roofs, new kitchens and new bathrooms.
They often don’t have quite enough space in them, and inevitably, extensions need to be added.
Unfortunately, when they are on less than 150sqm of land, there aren’t many places you can go to find extra space!

I bought my small worker’s cottage 2 1/2 years ago and it’s taken me the majority of this time to get to Stage 3 of a planned 6 stage renovation — it is a slow process!  While the time frame sounds decent enough, things definitely take much longer than expected: stage 1 is definitely finished, stage 2 needs some final touches, and stage 3 has started but is slow to move forward.

Really, these are just the realities of doing this everyday for other people, and never being able to make up your mind for your own house!
The design ideas are simple — respecting the original house, opening up the living spaces to the outside, and contrasting the new interventions with the old. I’ll upload new photos as they happen.

But I’m warning you, it might be a while…