From a planned renovation of an existing Queenslander straight into a brand new house design with the news of twins… From the inception of the project the process was streamlined as timing was critical. This great parcel of land, as it dropped away to the rear, seemed to offer up fantastic views, breezes and aspects from upper levels,yet the front yard was best suited for kids play and private open space at ground level. By switching this program around, the house was able to be engaged on three sides rather than the atypical front and rear small lots in the city. Deep into the site is revealed a volume that is open yet distant enough to be private to the street. The design of the spaces and progression through the house is open to the outdoor spaces eliminating any hallways and passing of utilitarian spaces. Upon arriving at the physical entry to the house that is ¾ into the depth of the site you are well into the journey that lands you into the hub of the house, and exposed to the views, breezes and volumes of space that was seen from the street. A truly site responsive house that captures the passive notions of design in our climate has culminated into a functional abode that responds to the lifestyles and growth of a young family.