Located in Coffs Harbour with long views to the water, this new family home based in North Sapphire, Coffs Harbour has extensive areas of glazing to exploit the open spaces and vistas.  From the main street frontage, the house slowly opens up, with level and direction changes breaking up the visual connection from the street into the private spaces while allowing the main courtyard to maintain an open and unobstructed presence.  In contrast, the laneway access is much more closed, while bold colours and simple geometry provide visual appeal, and a distinct address.  The glazed facade fronts the internal courtyard, and allows each room in the house access to spectacular light and view, while large sections of operable windows and doors allow the house to capture the sea breezes.

coffs coffs-00 coffs-01 coffs-02 coffs-03 coffs-04 coffs-05 coffs-06 coffs-07 coffs-08 island