Base has an in-house team of architects and designers expert in townhouse architecture, townhouse design, and townhouse architectural styles. We know that townhouse architecture starts with strategic planning – this is why we encourage our involvement from the initial planning stage of the project. We will explore the potential of the site, coordinate the input of specialist consultants such as civil, hydraulics, traffic and landscape design, and accommodate for council regulations, developer goals, and end users alike.

Our broad portfolio of townhouse developments include the following:

  • Nova Development
  • Kula Shacks
  • Mildmay
  • Lucy Street
  • Killeen Street
  • Sidney Street
  • Barrymore 1
  • Barrymore 2
  • Gort Street
  • South Pine Road
  • Payne Road

At Base, we believe that cost-effective building is the key to modern townhouse architecture and that this can be achieved through sustainable design. We design with flexibility in mind, designing multifunctional rooms that can easily be adapted by the user without the need for structural changes, allowing the user to control their environment.

Our multi-residential townhouse services include:

  • Feasibility studies prior to a site being purchased
  • Design research in coordination with specialist consultants
  • Overall conceptual design
  • Full documentation for council approval, building approval and construction
  • Complete consultant coordination
  • Interior design of all wet areas, kitchens, robes, and studies
  • Assistance in contract administration

At Base, we understand that both practical and aesthetic design of multi-residential townhouses needs to respond to the needs of the market. Whether the occupants will be young families, retirees, extended families or singles, we design with their comfort in mind.

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