Base Architecture’s Interior Design Services

At Base Architecture, we have an experienced team of interior designers who have designed Brisbane interiors across many sectors in the industry. Our team has a strong background across a range of diverse projects including workplace interiors, residential interiors, medical and healthcare interiors, and hospitality and retail interiors.If your workplace interior or residential interior needs renovation, refurbishing or redesign, Base Architecture is here to help. At Base Architecture, we believe in the value that good design brings to our clients. We focus on designing high quality, functional, and comfortable spaces that enhance your daily life at home or at the office.

We understand that there are endless opportunities in interior architecture to completely refresh and rejuvenate a space. By favouring timeless designs, our interior architecture projects will hold true for years, even decades. This saves you from having to refurbish often. We do our very best to design with flexibility in mind, designing multifunctional spaces that allow for usability changes without the need for structural modifications.

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