Shawn Godwin
“From the day I saw the building for sale sign go up I knew there was to be new injection to the business. One year on this injection has been 10-fold, and I generally aim high, so even I have been a little surprised at the massive impact the new office has had on the business, the culture and overall feeling in the office.

The wheels were put in motion to move, and at the same time we pushed some marketing harder and introduced an external HR consultant that has greatly influenced and driven direction with staff.

We have grown in numbers in the last year whilst at the same time have grown our profile, expanded our disciplines and generally have become more efficient and diverse. The outcome is both cohesive, refreshing and rewarding”.

Natalie Godwin
Senior Interior Designer
“After 1 year in the new office it is obvious to me how the planning and layout of the space positively impacts on the office dynamics for staff — staff relationships and staff — client relationships.

We wanted the office design to 100% reflect our professional and relaxed culture. It’s a great feeling when clients comment immediately just how relaxed the space feels for them when they first see it. This then enables us to then talk about how design does impact on your perception of a space.

For all staff, I can see the change in our teamwork dynamic. Collaboration is now supported by the work environment. The meeting and breakout spaces provide variation, and the different loose furniture configurations enable flexibility of use. We can chose the environment that works best for the type of work we are doing.  To have the option now to remove yourself from your computer and other distractions to sketch quietly is much more productive.

Our kitchen is now big enough for all 14 of us to sit and have lunch together.  I’m not sure how many other offices do this every day. It’s an important part of our culture and communication”.

Dan Hickey
Student Architect
“I think my favourite thing about the space is the general flow of it and how well it suits how our office runs. You can tell it has been designed for us, how we work, and our culture. I think the biggest change in how I work for me has been in the new workstations. I’ve become much more aware of the impact of ergonomics and correct posture at my desk. Definitely sitting (or standing) much more comfortably now”.

Chris Kolka

“My favourite thing about the office is that it fosters a more collaborative approach in our work.  For much of my time in the previous office, I was separated from most of the other people in the office and what they were working on.  Now I have more of a chance to discuss projects with people alongside me and break away from our desks into other spaces.  Whether it is huddling around a nearby meeting table for informal design reviews, or stepping outside to organise our team’s projects and deadlines.  The more vibrant office encourages more creative work styles throughout the office, not just in front of a computer”.

John Hyde
“What I love about the new office is the flexibility of the work spaces. There are so many spaces in the office you can work, meet and collaborate. It’s a space that really inspires and is very conducive to what we do. It’s a great space to work in”.

Isabella Meland
Graduate Architect

“My favourite part of the new office is the open configuration of the workstations, it allows everyone to easily collaborate while working. It also provides an opportunity to observe other projects that are on within the office which you may not be working on”.

Julie Lawrence
“My favourite thing about the office is the flexibility of space. There are lots of opportunities to sit (or stand) elsewhere —  sketch, talk to a builder, meet a client — without having to feel like you’re at your desk all day. Having the flexibility to move around to suit different work types helps to motivate you to do your best work”.

Giova Fellows
“My favourite thing about the new office is the access to natural light. It makes our job selecting finishes and materials much easier and accurate but it also provides a lovely outlook and a feeling of openness and of being outside and not trapped in a box.

It has been great to show our clients the importance and power of natural light and connecting with the outdoors in a city privileged with great weather most of the year”.

Megan Schulte
My favourite thing is all of the windows! For a number of reasons: Being able to see the sky, and tell what time of day it is, or what the weather is like, is great for your state of mind; the natural light; and being able to passively ventilate the office during good weather (which is at least 50% of the year). This has led, I think, to a general improvement in health and well-being for everyone in the office”.

Rachael Mellick
Graduate Architect
My favourite thing about the new office is the natural ventilation. I get very irritable and sneezy when I work in air conditioning, so having a workplace that is open with fresh air really helps me keep a clear head all day”.

Sarah Neale
“The new office has brought opportunity and optimism.  Not only has the new space enhanced our work environment and productivity it has also allowed for the fostering of new relationships within the office through the development of teamwork and collaboration.  Breakout spaces, private meeting rooms and collaborative work spaces allow for different modes of work depending on the task at hand.  I love that we can choose a space most suited to our needs”.

Stephanie Danslow
Graduate Architect
“Wow I can’t believe it has been a whole year already! My favourite thing about the new office is the open plan layout; which allows the whole space to be filled with natural light, and it can be completely naturally ventilated with the large rear doors and louvre windows opened. It’s a bright and spacious environment, with comfortable and well-proportioned spaces for our team to work in!

We are all stationed at desks along both sides of a central spine wall, which forms a vertical barrier to allow effective work spaces either side. Rather than a solid divide, the spine was designed with openings in it to encourage us all to stand and have discussions over and listen in to the buzz of other conversations and meetings in the office. In a collaborative industry, it’s great to be able to hear about other’s project experiences and learn what else is happening on other projects in the office, and the new office space definitely facilitates this!”

Claire Patterson
Graduate Architect
“I love the flexibility of the space! I feel that we all work so much more effectively with the ability to tailor our work environment to how we are feeling. Whilst it’s a large office, it is incredibly comfortable and homely”.

Jordan Hunter
Student Architect
“Working in the new Base office is awesome. I feel pretty privileged with the view to the city from my workstation and always feel a part of the action”.

Amy MacLeod
Office Manager
“I love hearing the wonderful comments from clients about our office the first time they visit the space. It is such a beautiful work environment and it makes our clients feel comfortable as well”.

You can visit the Base Architecture team at 200 Days Road, Grange QLD 4051.