Lauren Viertel

Interior Designer

Lauren Viertel

“When designing spaces, Lauren believes that the careful cohesion of form and function is the crux of an impressive design.” 

Her considered approach to all things planning, textures and detail means that each project not only possesses a refreshing look but will also offer a unique sensory experience to every user.

Lauren’s love for interior design was ignited at a young age as she grew up helping her parent’s flip many of their family homes. Inspired by the way a considered design could turn a house into a home, Lauren decided to expand her knowledge of the industry and graduated from her studies in 2019.  Since graduating, Lauren has had the gratifying opportunity of working interstate on a broad portfolio of residential, multi-res and commercial projects, advancing not only her technical portfolio but her network too. It is the collaborative nature of a designer’s role that Lauren thoroughly enjoys, and she strives to uphold great relationships with her clients, colleagues, and suppliers every day!

Outside of work, Lauren loves embarking on camping trips (that’s right, camping not glamping) with her partner, pups and friends and will always welcome the accompaniment of a cold beverage, warm fire and lots of laughter!   

Lauren in brief:

  • Dip. Interior Design + Decoration (SDS)
  • RAIA Affiliate Member


To get in contact with Lauren, give our office a call, or send her an email at

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