As an existing workers cottage it has had some various face lifts over its life, however none that have had any major impact on the original form of the house.

The original house is very much about functionality of its era with simple spaces and circulation along with materiality common to this style in its use of timber VJ linings, weatherboard exterior and timber floors.

On small lots (450sqm), these houses typically are inward facing often neglecting the surrounds and possibilities of light intrusion, passive design and general orientation. With plenty of yard space to the rear and no space for expansion to the front or sides it was an obvious decision to create a pod or wing to the rear and play with the verticality in order to achieve much needed additional spaces.

Although there were the functional necessities of spaces such as extra sleeping and bathing quarters this design and project is very much about fun, lifestyle and entertaining in the Queensland environment. With a strong existing eastern flavour to the landscape the concept is to open up the ground level as much as possible. To enhance this flavour there is intricate detail of joinery and carpentry that will flow from the landscape internally wraps itself up the central spine of the open staircase to the resort feeling sleeping retreat above that mysteriously hovers high above these indoor/outdoor spaces giving cover.

Standing back looking at the project it is a well ordered collection of materials and spaces that seem to have evolved over time and come together to fuse within the landscape and hidden oasis of the backyard, whilst from the streetscape the original form of the house is dominant with a hint of intrigue of what is happening out the back.