Lachlan Southern

Student of Architecture

Lachlan Southern

“Since childhood, I have been drawn to architecture, aiming to create spaces that both better the environment  and bring inspiration, incorporating environmentally conscious design that evoke beauty and sustainability.”

Lachlan’s dedication and excitement for sustainable design have always driven his creativity. Since childhood, he’s been fascinated with drawing and observing the details of buildings, sparking his love for architecture. After a brief venture into engineering, he gained a practical understanding of design, merging analytical and creative perspectives to create functional and aesthetically pleasing structures. Currently studying at the Queensland University of Technology, he’s dedicated to expanding his skills and knowledge through hands-on industry experience, always striving to design impactful and sustainable spaces. Lachlan’s enthusiasm for creative design and keen eye for detail fuel his ambition to create memorable architectural experiences. He is particularly eager to learn from professionals and contribute significantly to projects, focusing on sustainable and impactful architecture that meets both client and environmental needs.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Lachlan enjoys hiking in the Tasmanian wilderness, traveling, sketching, and socialising with friends and family.

Lachlan in brief:


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