A classic farm house with an ‘edgy’ plan is how I best described the house when I first visited. The bones were very much intact yet the pieces that surrounded them were struggling both spatially and materially. With a sprawling plan that has a series of wings that converge on a central space for all to enjoy yet still somewhat disjointed and out of reach. A brief which outlined the obvious in some disrepair yet outlined some underlying issues of connectivity to the outside and cohesion of the multi spaced dwelling.

Strength and simplicity was needed to reinvigorate the house in the form of strengthening up the hub of the house with an outdoor space that could relate to the wings and the surrounds and simplicity in the form of a palette of refined materials, furniture and art work that could flow throughout the house and respond to the surrounds that invited and enabled the occupants to turn an inward looking house into one that opens up to the outside yet is protected from the elements.

In stark contrast to the rolling fields of the farm with its crisp white finish, refined neutral joinery and polished elements of concrete, stone and glistening pool this dwelling sits high and proud sprawling across the hill commanding the views of the surrounds, grounded…. once again