1. Architects Make Life Easier

The process of designing and constructing a new home, or renovating an existing building can often be complex, time consuming and messy, especially since no two projects are the same. There is a lot to take into consideration; from council restrictions, building codes, determining which consultants are required (and then managing them), finding the right contractor, through to issues that can pop up on site — and that is all before you even start designing your house! Part of an architect’s role is to help guide you through the process, working with you from the very beginning to develop a brief, throughout construction, right through to when you move in. The architect is the professional figure that takes care of your interests throughout the project.

2. Architects are Experts at What They Do

Architects are highly qualified professionals whose knowledge covers a variety of areas, ranging from design, construction materials and techniques, sociology and sustainability, to planning restrictions and building codes. This means that an architect is able to foresee many design options, while at the same time analyzing a wide range of constraints and restrictions.

3. An Architect Will Solve Your Problems With Creative and Elegant Solutions

Most projects start with a want or a need, e.g. ‘we need more space’ or ‘the space we have is not working for us’. Architects use their broad knowledge of design and construction to translate your needs into a tangible solution, and produce drawings that tell a builder exactly how to construct it. Architects are trained to think “outside the box” and can propose solutions that you might not have thought of.

4. Architects Design For You and With You

An architect will design for your needs, for your site, for your location, your climate, and your budget. They work to build a relationship with you to understand your lifestyle, how you currently live and how you would like to live. This enables them to design a home that is uniquely suited to you and your family, and enhances your quality of life.

5. An Architect Will See the Big Picture

Architects don’t just design four walls and a roof, they consider projects in a holistic manner to ensure that everything works harmoniously together. They create environments that are comfortable to be in, socially and environmentally responsible, functional for the people who will use them, and flexible enough to adapt with changing family/occupant dynamics over time.

6. Architecture is a Good Investment

Well-designed buildings and spaces not only contribute to your quality of life, but can also require less cooling, heating, and artificial lighting. A well-conceived, designed, and coordinated project will be more efficient and functional, with less “wasted space”, fewer costly changes during construction, and often fewer long-term maintenance costs.