“Surround yourself with creative people and you will always feel inspired.”

Suzie is all about fun out the front, welcoming our clients and taking charge of all things administration. She brightens the office with her enthusiastic personality and vibrant attitude.

After working with Shawn Godwin to open and manage Quincy’s Bar and Cafe Suzie was ready for a new career path and challenges, which lead her directly upstairs to Base Architecture. She is a great admirer of architecture and enjoys the creative process. Working with the team at Base was a clear career move considering the warm office environment, variety of work and encouraging atmosphere.

Suzie has travelled much of the UK, Europe and Africa, she loves seeing the different styles of architecture around the world and how it varies to suit lifestyle and environment. Throughout her travels she has developed a love for people and creative design. She is excited to pursue a career where she can be a part of the process of connecting people with their dream homes.

Outside of work you will find Suzie wrangling her two dogs Chester & Bentley down at Kedron Brook, shopping for another unnecessary house plant at the markets or scooting off to Mt Tambourine to enjoy copious amounts of cheese and wine.



To get in contact with Suzie, give our office a call, or send her an email at Suzanne.Baum@basearchitecture.com.au.