Quickly is one of three resident hounds at Base, and is 2IC of office morale and inspiration.

Quickly came to Base through the Greyhound Adoption Program after six years as an ex-racing greyhound and breeding dog. She is now enjoying life as a pampered office pooch, spending most of her day napping and catching up on lost time. When actually awake, her few moments in the day are spent seeking as many pats as she can.

A true foodie at heart, Quickly’s favourite time of the day is dinner. She still likes to run and enjoys her weekend sprints, but is always just as keen to pull over for a nap.

Quickly in brief:

  • Breed: Greyhound
  • Grad Cert. Greyhound Racing and Breeding
  • Overly qualified in sleeping
  • Brisbane City Council registered
  • Loveable (Hons)