“Many people think architecture is about designing buildings and objects for people to look at, when it is actually about designing spaces that will be comfortable and delightful to occupy.”

Megan grew up drawing and visiting houses under construction, but it wasn’t until adulthood that she fully realised her passion for architecture. Megan is fascinated with the way that through architecture we can find unique ways of looking at the world and how people interact with the buildings and spaces around them.

With a thirst for knowledge, Megan is the resident research guru at Base. She has a love for learning and always looks deeper for answers. Megan has a particular affinity for creative problem-solving through design, particularly when looking at small or challenging projects and sites. Her passion is residential architecture and her experience also spans multi-residential apartment and townhouse developments.

Megan believes architectural services should be accessible to all, regardless of project size or budget. She enjoys working with clients, builders and consultants to create places that are beautiful, functional and a joy to live in. Megan believes getting to know her clients well is an important (and enjoyable!) part of the design process.

In her spare time, Megan loves reading and listening to audio books, and enjoys trying new and creative things, currently dabbling in photography, sewing and crocheting.

Megan in brief:

  • B. Design Studies (UQ)
  • M. Arch (UQ)
  • Registered Architect in Queensland No 4828


To get in contact with Megan, give our office a call, or send her an email at Megan.Schulte@basearchitecture.com.au