Kelsey is currently a Masters of Architecture student at the University of Queensland and is about to graduate at the end of the year. Kelsey grew up exposed to incredible buildings and places around the world that personally affected her, which sparked her interest in architectural design. She loves the way that with small thoughts and details you can really change people’s lives and affect the way that people experience a place.

Kelsey loves travelling and finds her own design approach is particularly influenced by the dark timbers and curated spaces found in Japanese architecture and any buildings where the raw materials are exposed, and nothing is ‘hidden.’ She was also lucky enough to spend some time living abroad in Spain which allowed her to visit many incredible pieces of architecture throughout Europe.

Outside of architecture, Kelsey loves exercise, travelling and food. She loves running, cycling, lifting weights and can often be found enjoying good cappuccino afterwards!


To get in contact with Kelsey, give our office a call, or send her an email at