Designed, built, un-built, re-modeled in Lego Digital Designer, and packaged by The Base Team as a present for Shawn on his 40th birthday. Assembled by Shawn.


The exhibition was a great success. We all gathered together and marvelled at the amazing work Base team accomplishes outside of work hours. Items exhibited included, designer clothing, various forms of artwork, a refurbished cruiser bicycle, as well as pieces of furniture and home wares.


This year Base entered the Amateur category in the Australian Institute of Architects ‘Shoot the Architect’ competition. The goal was to shoot a portrait of at least one Queensland Registered Architect utilising photographic skill, artistic merit and playful imagination. As a team, we modelled, photographed, and edited the image to create ‘Basetopia’. We were shortlisted as a finalist and attended the event on Friday the 7th of December. It was a nice evening but unfortunately we didn’t take home the victory.


We are proud to announce that after studying for 4 years our architecture student Hannah Waring is graduating from her Bachelor of Architecture, good work Hannah, now only another 2 years and you will have your Masters. Our office manager Jess Groves is also graduating after completing her 4 year Bachelor of Social Work degree.
A big congratulations and cake for both of you.

Website Update

After recent site analysis, we realised that our homepage was in need of a refurbishment to optimise the use of space and achieve an updated, yet timeless look. The concept design consisted of creating styles and themes that would not only be appealing to the eye but also create an ease of access and user friendly selections. Overall, we have achieved the look we wanted without having to compromise on space and style, head over and have a look for yourself


Million Dollar Memo Holiday — Hamilton Island

Just to bring you up to speed. Last year Base entered a Tourism Queensland competition to win a million dollar holiday. We made it to the top 20 finalists and won a $10,000 holiday. The Base team was lucky enough to go on our holiday this October to Hamilton Island. The team + partners enjoyed 3 luxurious nights on the island. We enjoyed delicious food, spectacular views, snorkelling, and delicious cocktails. Shawn also had the opportunity to swoon over and get a photo with AFL legend Jude Bolton.


Shawn has been asked by Monument to work with Surya Graf to design and document the process behind collaboratively creating a wine rack for the magazine’s on-going ‘Create-a-Date’ article. The story is intended to showcase how the design process is influenced by each individual’s creative talents and how the final product is achieved.


Base has teamed up with local architects Phorm to work together with a local developer to design a myriad of waterfront lots. It is an exciting time, sure to be filled with numerous learning experiences for the team. More updates to come regarding this new and fascinating project.


This year Shawn had some company at the Noosa Triathlon. Whilst Shawn competed as an individual and took on the whole course, Kelly, Giova, and Chris competed in the team event, doing the swim, ride and run, respectively … Who won you ask? The team or the boss? … As it turns out, against all odds, Shawn won, he completed the triathlon in 2:47:48 and the team finished in 3:37:51.


In the last Base newsletter you heard of Shawn and Chris’ preparation for the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km challenge in Sydney. We are happy to announce that the both boys completed the trek in 27hrs 10mins. Raising $4,285 for the brilliant work done at Oxfam. A special thanks to the support crew and donors. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Who’s up for a challenge? And some mud? Tough Mudder is an obstacle course which is approximately 20km long. But don’t worry, it’s about 9 months away so there is plenty of time to get ready. Base has decided to enter as a team, inclusive of the immediate Base Team and extended family of clients and consultants (the more the merrier and also so we can help each other along). It’s going to be fun?! Here is the link to join our team