Base is a multi-award winning architectural firm in Brisbane. We have a highly expert team of renovation architects specializing in designing house renovations and home extensions across a range of scales from small cottages to expansive existing homes in Brisbane and beyond.

Base Architecture has a proven record spanning over a decade with multiple award-winning houses. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients and their families. We aim to deliver personalized, site responsive, and efficient renovation solutions that are empathetic to the existing character of your existing home.

Our residential renovations service includes:

  • Understanding your family and what is currently working (or not working) for your family’s lifestyle needs
  • Detailed understanding of the existing house and site as an accurate basis for your renovation; including measure-up and drawings of the existing home
  • Detailed site analysis
  • Diagrammatic planning and spatial analysis
  • Design research
  • Overall conceptual design
  • Detailed design to meet approval requirements
  • Organise preliminary prices from reputable builders
  • Recommend and oversee consultants
  • Specify finishes and fixtures, materials and construction details
  • Complete coordination and documentation
  • Recommend builders and organise tenders
  • Contract administration on site

At Base, we understand the endless opportunities presented in renovation projects to completely refresh and rejuvenate an existing home tailored specifically for you! Within our renovation projects, we respond empathetically to the existing character and condition of the site, and will be guided by you as to whether you are looking for a seamless integration between the old and the new aesthetic, or if you would like a complete contemporary contrast for your renovation. Furthermore, we enjoy the challenges presented when designing within the constraints of an existing building structure; and we will always strive to achieve an efficient, cost-effective and unified renovated home which your family will love living in for many years to come.

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