A project borne out of the need to get back to the basics and relive those holidays at the beach in a shack or camping with family and reminisce the seaside townships we all used to drive through or visit. Base Architecture was one of four architectural firms commissioned to design a series of holiday houses as part of the Kula Beach Shack development by Turrisi Property. In all Base designed 11 of the 63 houses in a 2 stage project, the first stage comprising 7 Base shacks. The Kula Beach houses are designed to make the most of contemporary beachside living, providing voluminous, light filled spaces that are both efficient in their planning and simple yet detailed in their construction and material selections. With a mix of owner occupier and holiday letting the designs needed to be flexible, adaptable, lo maintenance and hardy to both the occupants and the surrounding harsh environment.

Being one of 4 architectural firms involved (Architectus, BVN and Davis Somerville), it was a true collaboration of master-planned concepts which then fostered the individual dwellings or groups of dwellings that had common veins running through. By creating a strong project concept from master-plan through to material selections and construction methodology it allowed each firm to individually tailor these palettes and represent derivatives of without running the risk of too many same or similar products. Stage one has been a success in a tough market and equally important the outcome of a community that has strong and stable bones that brings back many childhood memories.

Base Architecture also completed the exterior. See more photos here.