The Kauri Road project is the refurbishment of the lower floor of an existing home and the addition of a lap pool and painting studio. The home had previously been renovated by the client about five years ago when they came to BASE to add a pool and studio, and re-do the lower level as they realised that what they had done originally was not suited to their lifestyle. The result was the relocating of the kitchen to open directly onto the outdoor space with a view to the pool and studio and a new entry and stair. The interior was opened up to create an entertaining focused space without a dining room as they wanted to be able to entertain straight out of the kitchen. The aim of the interior was to maintain a simple palette of materials with a layout that could be kept neat and tidy with minimum of effort. The pool to the back yard is raised above an underground sewer but acts as a backdrop to the turfed ‘cricket’ zone in front. Equally the studio is raised to give it the ideal location and improve its visual connection to the home.

CFJ_Kauri_Street-01 CFJ_Kauri_Street-02 CFJ_Kauri_Street-03 CFJ_Kauri_Street-04 CFJ_Kauri_Street-05 CFJ_Kauri_Street-06 CFJ_Kauri_Street-07 CFJ_Kauri_Street-08