Base were engaged by the Cutters Landing Mitchell Body Corporate to upgrade the 3 ground floor lobbies and lift interiors in their building situated within the leafy suburb of New Farm. The clients’ brief for the larger lobby was to enhance the functionality, to provide a meeting space for the body corporate, and to increase the usable floor area for socialising which would enhance their sense of community. We proposed that a full re-design was required to completely meet their brief.

After analysing the existing space, we made notes of natural circulation paths and established that the existing water feature which had ongoing maintenance issues, needed to be demolished. We removed many of the disconnected water features as they were taking up valuable floor area and providing no amenity for residents. This enabled us to alter the stair location, provide 2 separate sitting areas while allowing the natural pedestrian flow through the space un-obstructed.

Despite the original lighting being of high quality, after 15 years it was technically outdated and needed a full upgrade to compliment the new design.  A sophisticated yet understated finishes palette was proposed that helped provide visual cues for navigation through the wide open lobby. We highlighted the scheme with oversized brass wire pendants strategically placed these over custom-designed rugs and Italian made furniture reflective of a high end hotel lobby foyer.  Luxurious materials, which combined  natural marbles, textured wall tile panelling and woven wallpapers, with soft custom-designed oval rugs.  The rug design was derived from the winding Brisbane river, glistening sunlight, leaf litter from the enormous fig trees nearby, and uses colours of the natural landscape.