Burn is one of our renovation projects currently on the drawing board. Our clients came to us seeking a design for the renovation of the previously renovated pre-war Queenslander on the site, which is no longer big enough to accommodate their growing family.

The functionality and flow of the house has been carefully considered throughout the planning stages of the design process, to ensure the renovation is well-connected with the spaces in the existing house, and not feeling as though simply “tacked” on.

This informed the redesign and relocation of the entry and internal stairs to a central circulation “spine” which all levels and spaces (existing & new) plug back into, allowing the occupants to readily transition from spaces in the existing house to the new areas and vice versa.

Externally, we have chosen to celebrate this circulation volume, with its form and materiality expressed from the rest of the house, acting as somewhat of a beacon which signals where to enter the renovated residence. We look forward to submitting this project for planning approval very soon!