1: Understanding What You Need

There are multiple facets to understanding what you need in a new home. There is the purely pragmatic exercise of listing out spaces that are needed. That is, a dining room, kitchen, living, bedrooms, storage, study spaces.

People generally have a good idea of what sort of spaces they want in their home, but typically that list should be scrutinised and developed to create the best outcome. A big part of refining that list is to think about your lifestyle and how you use each space. Do you love to fire up the BBQ on the weekend and spend time outside? Do you prefer a more indoor lifestyle, reading or watching TV? Do you have kids? Young ones who want to be close? Or teenagers who want to be far far away? Getting into those sorts of questions about how you live is the starting point of designing a home tailored to your specific needs.

2: Understanding the Opportunities/Constraints of Your Site

In the same sense that everyone has different lifestyles, every site has differing opportunities and constraints. The fantastic climate in Queensland, and more generally Australia, provides ample opportunity to harness desirable light and breezes. Some sites may also have the opportunity of fantastic views or a big backyard. Maybe your site has an existing house in good condition that just needs some altering to keep up with your needs.

However, most sites have constraints that go along with them. Maybe it’s too small, or irregularly shaped. Maybe it has a steep slope, or tall neighbouring properties. A big part of architectural design is working through these constraints and creating thoughtful solutions. Often a constraint can be turned in to a real strength of the final design.

3: Creating Your Home

This is where having a good understanding of how you live, and what your site offers can create amazing outcomes with thoughtful design and collaboration.

Do you love settling down with a good book on Saturday afternoon? Maybe you can have a private retreat that shields from harsh summer sun but still allows views outside and cooling breezes though the space. Do you love to fire up the BBQ on the weekend? Maybe you connect a covered outdoor space with your main indoor living area to create a flow between the indoors and outdoors.

So if you’re thinking of building or renovating, have a think first about how you use your current home and the potential opportunities your site could offer. Or feel free to come and have a chat to us in the office. We are always more than happy to come and check out your site and offer ideas or make some suggestions to get you your dream home.