Designing the new Base Architecture Office-image
18 May, 2017

Designing the new Base Architecture Office

Designing your own office or house is a designer’s greatest challenge. There are so many options and when you are the client AND designer, the possibilities are endless.

1 Year in the New Base Architecture Office-image
5 Apr, 2017

1 Year in the New Base Architecture Office

It has been one year since we moved into our new office, and the team couldn’t be happier! Now that the hard work of designing and converting the...

Small Housing-image
21 Feb, 2017

Small Housing

With trends toward higher density living gaining momentum both nationally and internationally, there is a constant challenge for designers to develop creative solutions for flexible and efficient living spaces...

Fireplaces for Brisbane Climate-image
29 Jun, 2016

Fireplaces for Brisbane Climate

Winter has (finally) hit Brisbane this week, and for many people, the change in weather has brought with it fantasies of curling up in front of a fire with...

Landscaping Brisbane-image
23 May, 2016

Landscaping Brisbane

At Base, we believe that landscaping is something that should be considered and incorporated into the design of spaces right from the very start of a project in order...

Channel 7’s Segment about Base Architecture’s work in the Medical Sector-image
6 May, 2016

Channel 7’s Segment about Base Architecture’s work in the Medical Sector

Did you miss Channel 7’s segment about Base Architecture’s work in the medical sector, including one of our favourite fit outs at Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Clinic?

Base’s New Office – Update-image
23 Mar, 2016

Base’s New Office – Update

If you’ve been keeping up with our Facebook and Instagram pages you would have seen our new office coming to life over the last few months. It’s getting very...

Shawn’s Ideal House-image
24 Feb, 2016

Shawn’s Ideal House

In the lead-up to launching their “My Ideal House Competition”, the guys from House and Garden Magazine (in collaboration with Mirvac) approached our director, Shawn, for his opinion on...

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