Brisbane House extensions or Growing Families

With population on the increase and land getting scarcer, young Brisbane families often settle for a smaller house on a smaller stand. That is, until the kids start growing up and need a little space of their own. The house extensions Brisbane families often ask for first, are sheltered balconies outside the front door where the children can play in safety away from the harsh sun. We’ve got a wealth of experience in taking these developments from conception to reality.

Older small lot homes in Brisbane — what’s the trend?

A decade ago, there was a discernible trend to moving family activity outside when the weather was good. The home extensions Brisbane families favoured then were open patios leading to barbeques and, if there was space, small dip pools. Climate change is leading to a different view on outdoor living, especially among young families with toddlers, and older folk who had too much of a good thing when young. The house extensions Brisbane clients in this category ask for include roofing over entertainment areas and the creation of shady verandas.

House extensions in Brisbane for middle-aged couples

There is a significant demand for en-suite bathrooms leading to tiny private gardens, especially among middle-aged couples. Over the last decade we’ve noticed a surge in couples looking to add new features to their homes, and we’re always busy with extensions which have a specific purpose in mind. Other popular projects include maximising the potential of the bathroom, with more compact cabinetry and standalone showers.

Many Brissie homeowners are likely to stay with what they have during the current economic downturn. Our design team has been extra busy lately with interior makeovers. We are committed to long-term relationships, and are conscious of budgets and timelines. Allow us to quote to transform your small home into something special, just for you.

Our award-winning team includes imaginative interior designers. They are capable of stretching the imagination with the fabulous range of designer tiles on sale in our Gateway to the Gold Coast. As a result, many of the small lot homes Brisbane families extend, now feature en-suite bathrooms previously only available in grander homes.

In conclusion, the small house extensions Brisbane clients commission us to do reflect a growing awareness of the need for environmentally sustainable design. Take the first step to an improved home today, and call +61 7 3352 5899 or send us an email.