If you’ve been keeping up with our Facebook and Instagram pages you would have seen our new office coming to life over the last few months. It’s getting very close to completion now with our official moving date, the 15th of April, approaching fast!

As with any project under construction, there are ups and downs throughout, but with the whole Base team (plus some awesome helpers) coming together, we couldn’t be happier with how it is all coming together. So, with that said, we thought it was about time to update you on how the construction process has been going and what we’ve learnt along the way!

From Bank to Base

From the get-go we wanted to transform the existing building into one tailored to Base’s needs and create a space that reflected who we are and how we want to work as an office and studio. The existing space was designed for an insular working environment, with individual rooms and little connection with outdoor space, sun and breezes. We wanted our office to be a flowing open plan with a connection to its residential context. So we stripped back the interior to its raw elements. This provided a blank canvas for us to move forward with our new Base office.


Like many of our renovation and extension projects, we love to see what elements and materials can be reused from the existing building in the new build. Through the process of demolition we managed to salvage brick work and almost 700 metres of beautiful hardwood timber from the original ceiling structure. We were able to tidy up these materials and create some awesome additions to our new build, including our meeting room screens, custom built light, and BBQ area.

We also saw an opportunity to go back to the original architectural intention of an open, green entry space facing the street, while extending out the back to create a new outdoor room, with some cracking views!

Architects on the Tools

Our new office has also presented a great opportunity for us to get on the other side of the paper and pick up some tools. Shawn is a big believer in architects not only knowing how to draw up a design, but also knowing how all of the elements are put together and the construction process. The whole team has had a lot of fun over the last couple of months adding our own additions to our office.

A Process Worth Undertaking

After ten years in our current office we can absolutely say designing and building our new office has been completely worth it. We have created a space that is wholly ours, and is responsive to how we like to work and interact with our clients and each other.

The result is an office that is representative of our core values regarding architecture: creating quality spaces that are responsive to their climate and context, designed for their occupants to facilitate and enhance their daily activities, and a joy to occupy.

We are looking forward to moving into our new space, created by Base for Base. So stay tuned for the final product!