Architect Designed Homes in Brisbane

Who are we?

Dedicated to helping clients to realise their dream home, here at Base we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to produce a modern house design exact to your requirements. Together we are a team of innovative, fresh thinking and dynamic individuals that have combined experience, qualifications, training and talent for contemporary home design.

What can we do and how are we different?

In terms of our portfolio, we have been both contributors as well as project leaders for residential and multi-residential projects. Clients appreciate our refreshing approach to design, we’re delighted to hear your ideas, your motivations and your vision. We want to create architect designed homes with you, helping you to transform that dream image from your mind into an actual home for you and your family. Our customers have given positive feedback on our easy to use ‘Create Your Own Space’ App where you can start to bring your contemporary home a step closer and feel part of the team.

Multi-award winning architect designed homes

Since 2005 we are very proud to have been recognised on numerous occasions by The Royal Australian Institute for our unique concepts and exquisite insight into modern home design. Most recently we were honoured to win a 2014 Brisbane Regional Interior Architecture Commendation for our work with A&R Surgery. In this project we wanted to reflect the exceptional work of the plastic surgeons in the design of the premises — with a creative concept evoking the curves of the human body, skin tones and fluidity of movement. We incorporated the ideas of the client, producing a plan which combined the practicality of a working surgery with the calm ambience of a spa.

Get in touch to arrange a meeting with our experienced team of architects, or chat about some of our other recent projects. Whatever the scale, we’d love the opportunity to show you how we could bring your dream modern home designs a step closer to reality.

Drop by our Brisbane office, call +61 7 3352 5899 or send us an email, and we’ll share the benefits of architect design homes with absolutely no obligation. We look forward to working with you!