Project Details

Located in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Fortitude Valley, is a raw and energetic space now home to planning, landscape and environmental consultancy firm Place Design Group. The interior fit-out of approximately 520sqm designed by Base Architecture was intended to reflect the dynamic culture of urban renewal that characterizes the Fortitude Valley. The fit out highlights much of the original structure of the building, including exposed beams, brickwork, and several large arched windows that connect the interior space to the street. A multifaceted suspended plywood ceiling was added highlighted with a number of coloured panels, tying in with the tenants corporate colours, whilst attending to the acoustic concerns within. The interior space is further defined by a timber screen that separates the reception from the main working area without disconnecting the workspace from Wickham Street. The addition of a steel and glass mezzanine is used as a meeting facility and a much needed function space. The combination of elements: timber, brick, steel and glass, provide an eclectic yet cohesive interior that mirrors the combination of older structures and newer designs in Fortitude Valley.

Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_01 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_02 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_03 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_04 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_05 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_06 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_07 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_08 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_09 Shawn_Godwin_BASE_Architecture_Brisbane_Wickam_10