so + gi

Project Details

Located at Southbank Parkland this ‘day-spa’ like establishment offers more than the usual clinical atmosphere generally associated with ultrasound facilities. The client brief was to ensure that the ultrasound experience is made more enjoyable and relaxing by removing the cold and clinical feel of the environment. This was achieved with a casual, fluid built form, café atmosphere, textural aesthetic, sensual music and comfortable furnishings. ‘In-room’ comfortable sofas and large screen imagery to show the developing child are on offer for family members to enjoy. The experience is further heightened by free flowing corridors and calming imagery displayed in the ceilings.

shawn_godwin_base_architecture_brisbane013 shawn_godwin_base_architecture_brisbane023 shawn_godwin_base_architecture_brisbane033 shawn_godwin_base_architecture_brisbane042 shawn_godwin_base_architecture_brisbane053 shawn_godwin_base_architecture_brisbane063 shawn_godwin_base_architecture_brisbane072 shawn_godwin_base_architecture_brisbane081