Base’s loaded coming in the Christmas period

No doubt the summer holidays will be upon us sooner then we think. Hard to believe there is only 8 weeks until Christmas. We thought we should send you our latest update before we ran out of time! With these warm days already upon us, now is the perfect time to start construction projects. As… Read more »

Fossil fuels and sustainable building

By Clint If you are looking at building a new home or renovating your existing one, you are in a great position to reduce your impact on the environment. These recent natural disasters are having us all wondering whether this is an unfortunate series of events or are we witnessing the affects of climate change?… Read more »

What to do when and if a developer knocks on your door?

By Johnny Unfortunately at this point in time I’m still searching for the right answer to this question. 2 Years ago my fiancé and myself brought a little workers cottage in the Windsor-Lutwyche precinct.  3 months after we bought it a town planner friend of mine alerted me to the fact I had bought my… Read more »

The City As Home

By Chris Several years ago I read an article about homeless people living in an airport, which initially seemed like an unusual choice of place to decide to stay.  But reading further into it you could see that it had a few significant benefits.  Firstly, the airport in the article had plenty of toilets and… Read more »

Flood Relief

By Jessica Groves (Office Manager) As our followers on Facebook would have noticed, the Base Architecture team recently set up a flood relief task force to help clean up some affected suburbs around Brisbane and South-East Queensland. We received generous donations from Window Image, Mangano I.T., Contrast Constructions, and McIvor Constructions. We visited Goodna, Chelmer… Read more »

Queensland Worker’s cottage Renovation

By Julie Renovations are an exciting time, but they are also a time for questions and decisions, and they’re not always easy! No one knows this better than an architect trying to renovate their own home. The cliche “a plumber always has leaky taps” comes to mind… The historical Queensland Worker’s cottage has a solid… Read more »

WOW, June already ???

It’s only June and yet we have managed to survive six months of natural disasters, dooms day prophecies and planking. Amongst the chaos, Base Architecture has managed to have a few more jobs completed and have a few adventures. It feels like just yesterday we were camping on the beautiful beaches of Moreton Island celebrating… Read more »

The latest from Base…

With the weeks and months flying by and lots of exciting projects on the go, we thought it was about time for another BASE update! As usual, the entire team have been working and playing hard, with some recent highlights including the first BASE Architecture Seminar, a team entry in the Boral Design Awards (to be judged… Read more »